We have over 15 years of experience working with museum quality pieces and dining sets that belonged to great grandma.



Do you want to re-envision a piece or invent a new finish? We can help you realize your vision. With our expertise and craftsmanship, you can do it!


We'll renew your almost new furniture that's just seen better days, and even your mid-century modern furniture that's about to see even better days.



From heirloom treasures to flea market finds, we can breath new life into classic furniture that needs a little, or a lot of love to look its best.


Process is important to us. First we disassemble the piece and remove the finish. Then we gently sand and repair any parts of the furniture that need additional attention. We apply color and spray coatings including a seal coat and at least two top coats. When the finish is properly cured, we assemble and detail the piece.


Not for the faint of heart. Restorations are serious work.


Restorations are for pieces whose finishes are unique like a fine violin and need to be preserved. We only treat the damaged areas, keeping the original finish intact and blending the newer finishes into the original. Using our knowledge about period finishes and either recreating them, or if they are no longer available, mimicking them to match the original finish, we treat each piece like a master work of art.


Broken furniture? We can fix it.


We've all had that chair that you keep to the side so no one sits in it, right? Or maybe the drawer that when you close it, it pushes in too far? You may have even had a knob post strip leaving you at a loss on how you could ever get the thing back on. These are all fixable problems. Bring in your broken furniture and we'll put it up on our workbench, make a plan, and repair the piece like new.



Love the lines, but hate the finish? Give that old furniture a new look!


Is it too dark, to light, or painted? We can help. If you can name the finish, we can recreate it. We'll always test the color or finish in an inconspicuous area to make sure you'll love it before complete the piece. If you want a particular hand-applied finish like distressing or a layered paint look, we'll have you come in to approve how much or how little of the effect we apply so you have exactly the finish you want.

Our process is painstaking. We start by disassembling the piece, scuff-sanding the existing finish and apply a lacquer wash. We follow that up with a spray color of choice base coats. If the client would like a distressed finish, this is where we bring in the client to make sure the level of distressing is perfect. We finish with spray clear coat, assemble and detail the piece.